DiamondVideo provides a unique advantage to your customers.

This state-of-the-art technology is currently leading the industry!  DiamondLot is the largest provider of video in the data collection industry.  You will have the ability to pro-actively connect with your customers online.  Whether they see it on your website, YouTube, Google Video, Facebook, Auto Trader, Cars.com, Craig's List, Twitter, etc., your inventory consistently stays ahead of your competitors!


  • Installed On Your Selected Websites, Including Auto Trader, Cars.com, YouTube, Google Video, Facbook, Cars.com Craigslist, Twitter And Ebay Auctions.

  • Includeds A Live Back-End Tool To Monitor ALL Video Activity.

  • Examine The Demographics Of Your Video Viewers.


How Does It Work?

Diamond Video utilizes vehicle images and data collected by our DiamondLot staff.  The system then incorporates vehicle photos and an automatically generated audio track into the industry’s only real-time automotive video solution. In addition, custom-built dealer inserts and other video content relevant to the vehicle can be dynamically included.

Due to the unique dynamic capabilities, our Video program will update the features, pricing and options instantly.  On average, American adults are now spending just under 4 hours each day online. As consumers spend more time online, it is crucial that dealerships have the robust content and real time information that users demand. Videos engage the consumer and then educate them about the most important features of the vehicle. They have proven to create more leads and more phone calls, and ultimately more vehicle sales.

Why Should I Use It?

1st: Smart Content! Our videos discuss not only the most marketable features of a vehicle but also their associated benefits, providing the shopper with a true walk-around experience.

2nd: 3rd-Party Content: Our dynamic videos integrate dealer marketing videos and 3rd party video content that provides shoppers with informative and relevant information to enhance the shopping experience, including dealer introduction, vehicle history report highlights and OEM Certification.

3rd: Google Search Optimization: Uploading videos to YouTube optimizes search results as YouTube videos are ranked highest by Google. Videos are indexed 50 times greater than photos.

Are Their Advanced Options?

YES!  Custom Wrappers allow dealers to reinforce branding and marketing messages and can be customized for your dealership if needed.

Dynamic Overlays can be configured to include banner overlays that play at various intervals and positions within the video with interactive
information for the customer to view.

Interactive Menus allow Dealer web sites and Diamondlot video partners to utilize the video player to dynamically render and playback
videos. The video player functions include stop, rewind, pause and fast forward, while the dynamic features include...

* Vehicle Thumbnails
* Dealer Location
* Lead Contact Form
* Send To Friend
* CARFAX Report Link (if available)

Where Do My Video's Go?

DiamondVideo can distribute your videos in our daily feed or by FTP to dealer web sites and Diamondlot’s video partners so they are ready to play immediately.

Here are just a few 3rd party vendors and websites we can distribute your videos to...

* AutoTrader.com
* Cars.com
* EveryCarListed.com
* YouTube.com
* Facebook.com
* Twitter.com

More 3rd party lead portals and dealer website vendors utilize our video player than any other vendor. Diamondlot is able to expose
vehicle listings to more prospective customers than anyone else.

Why Video's?

1. Diamond Video has taken the casual shopper to the excitement level about the car. You get additional response and a higher
percentage of appointments.

2. Diamond Video is fast becoming a great way to transform your audience into Active Buyers. The use of video allows the dealer
to convey a message and touch the viewer’s receptive sensors.

3. The visual picture, audio either via speaking or through music and the use of visual text. These are the ways people take in
information, and by combining all of them, the person absorbs much more of the information you are presenting.

4. Shoppers engage in the buying process when viewing your video vehicle inventory online. It’s a 24/7 consumer relationship with
your dealership when they’re ready to buy.


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