Our Core Pricipals

Our companies operated with the attitude of attacking the very core of business resulting in more efficient:

* Advertising Results (ROI)
* Recognition (PR)
* Healthier teams (internal team building)
* Superior management (executive leadership training)
* Inspiring campaigns (advertising & marketing)

As part of a DiamondLot (Missouri, Nebraska & Colorado) client, you gain direct access to our corporate advertising partner:

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DiamondLiveChat provides real time monitoring of your website.

"...In today's fast pace world, nothing could be better than sitting at home after a long day, relaxing in front of my computer with my slippers on, and then talking to my sales person at my local dealership.  When he initiated the chat, I was surprised!  More at the technology, than at the attempt to start talking with me.  At this point, I initiated a quick conversation, got simple, and effective answers, and returned back to my family for dinner.  I welcome anyone to try this new technology...no more phone calls, no more spam!..."

You will have the ability to pro-actively communicate to all your visitors, obtain detailed marketing knowledge of your websites traffic 24-7, and communicate with an unlimited amount of visitors at any time.


  • Install On Any Site, Including Craigslist And Ebay Auctions.

  • Included A Live Chat In All Your Emails.

  • Examine The Demographics Of Your Website Visitors.

  • Manage Support Tickets To Enhance Service.

  • Invisible Tracking & Monitoring Capabilities.

  • Obtain Visitor Demographics, such as visitor location, IP address, Host ISP name, website referrer, etc.


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