Our Core Pricipals

Our companies operated with the attitude of attacking the very core of business resulting in more efficient:

* Advertising Results (ROI)
* Recognition (PR)
* Healthier teams (internal team building)
* Superior management (executive leadership training)
* Inspiring campaigns (advertising & marketing)

As part of a DiamondLot (Missouri, Nebraska & Colorado) client, you gain direct access to our corporate advertising partner:

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eCredit Security

Close over 50% of ALL Leads!

eCreditSecurity provides an interactive web-based credit application enabling Dealers to initiate the credit process with loan transactions and lenders.  DiamondLot of Missouri and Colorado is proud to work with this exclusive partnership!

When online credit applications are filled out, it is important to know that personal information is being protected.  Stay confident when using eCreditSecurity to transmit your private information over the Internet.  eCreditSecurity safeguards information using the most secure methods available today.

  • Talking Guides Application Video
  • Walk through step-by-step process
  • Application accesses all 3 bureaus
  • Protects all customer information
  • Secure for your website
  • Closing ratio exceeds 50%


For an online DEMO, click HERE!

eCredit Security

For an online DEMO, click HERE!


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