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Our companies operated with the attitude of attacking the very core of business resulting in more efficient:

* Advertising Results (ROI)
* Recognition (PR)
* Healthier teams (internal team building)
* Superior management (executive leadership training)
* Inspiring campaigns (advertising & marketing)

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DiamondLot | DLotAutos.com

http://DLotAutos.com is an authorized distribution partner of the corporate company, based in Newport Beach, CA.  DiamondLot was originally started due to the needs of auto dealers to print window stickers, and upload data and photos to the internet.  For over 15 years, the brand has become synonymous with the industry as a primary leader and currently is the second largest data and photo collector in North America.

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Jay Martinez, CEO was originally hired by the corporate company as their Director of Sales & Marketing.  His primary goal was to develop an internet-based tool for both distributors and dealers alike to manage inventory on a wide scale.  Along side of the development of the web-based tool, Mr. Martinez was also responsible for developing new training materials, marketing correspondence, and strategic plans for distributors and internal staff.  During tenure at the corporate company, Mr. Martinez relocated to Springfield, MO, where he began the development of the DiamondLot service.  He purchased the authorized distribution rights shortly after his move and within 18 months, Mr. Martinez and his staff was able to capture majority market share, while founding Fortune Development Group, LLC.


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